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Men’s Fishing Trip

Men’s Fishing Trip

This fishing trip to the Moosehead Lake region of Maine is a great time of fishing, relaxation and fun.  A number of fathers have used it as a time to connect with their son(s).  The five days of the trip are over the Memorial Day Weekend and each person is responsible for their own ride up.  Many people carpool together. We will be fishing mostly for bass (small mouth and large mouth) and trout (rainbow and brook), but also catch perch, lake trout, salmon and chubs.  We fish from canoes but there are many places to fish from shore and stream fishing. We stay in cabins in Rockwood, Maine at the mouth of the Moose River. 

Each cabin holds 6 people and they are responsible for their own meals except for I meal that we go out to a local restaurant (included in the price). The cost this year is $185 per person and includes the cabin rental, ½ of a canoe for 3 days (your partner pays the other ½) and the special meal out.  It does not include licenses, food or transportation or fishing supplies.  Without canoe it is $115. Each evening we spend time together talking about the day, get ready for the next day’s fishing and have a devotional time together.

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