Raising kids is tough. Moments of gutting it out with discipline issues, long sleepless nights, choosing to respond in grace over anger, and creating moments of intentional time together. Tough. But isn’t that the way of The Father. Graciously shepherding our hearts when we’ve run, creating moments full of meaning for us to enjoy as we worship Him, and then Jesus. In some ways I think of the “long sleepless night” that the trinity had broken over their new creation craving control and giving way to the temptation for power. Maybe they too stayed up late, heads together, hatching the craziest plan ever: “Jesus, son, it’s time. You’ll live, reflect me, give your life, and unleash grace for all to see and receive.” Man. What a night. I love being a dad. I gratefully consume donuts and coffee with them as I fight through the bad moments, rejoicing that I’ve been set free. Oh Jesus, help them know you.

Mike Candy