I have been listening to a book called The Consequences of Ideas by R.C.Sproul. The book has shared ideas from Descartes, Hume, Kant, and John Locke. They share their ideas about who God is and how things were made. As I contemplated some of the ideas of these philosophers, I started to think about one particular idea of how things came from nothing. I figured I would use this idea to write this blog. I waited for a few hours and nothing happened. I still had nothing. I waited for a few days and still nothing happened. I had nothing. A post did not just appear out of this nothing, I had to create it or there would be no post. 
​I think about this in reference to the world and how it was created. Similar to my post, the world around me had to have a creator. There are so many beautiful things in this world for it have just come from nothing without someone orchestrating it.  My conclusion is that we have an amazing creator that is behind the majesty of the universe. From the cosmos to cells, each of these has been spoken into existence by an amazing God who loves us enough to create us from the ground and speak His life into ours.

Tim Hunt