Devotions Time
For the past 8 weeks there has been a lot of fun, excitement and activity at the church gym every Saturday as well as Monday and Tuesday nights.  What’s been going on?  Our Salao Soccer League.  Kids from age 7 to 18, both boys and girls take part in this exciting and fast paced indoor soccer.  there are 5 different leagues for different ages and it is always fun to see the level of play increase with each league.  League A starts with many beginners and is fun to help them learn to enjoy the game.  League B (ages 9-10) have started getting some speed and ball control and a few goalies know what to do.  League C (11-13 year old’s) really pick up the pace and on Monday night and Tuesday night the high school boys and then the girls play a very fast and powerful game.  The league ends in a popular and wild double elimination tournament.  Crazy saves, insane overtimes and lots of joy and heartbreak. It’s our very own version of March Madness and it’s a great time.

We do all this because we love the game of soccer and use it as a way to reach out to the community.  This year we had about 225 students playing and many of them came from outside of FCC.  Each week they attend a short devotional where we talk about the Lord and have the chance to present Biblical truth.  Down through the years there have been some boys and girls who have come to faith in Jesus through the Salao Soccer ministry.

Everything is staffed by people in the church who help coach, ref, run a snack shack and giver oversight as commissioners.  Thanks to all of them who did so much and helped so much. Hopefully they can all really feel that this is not just an enjoyable game, it is a real chance to share the gospel and introduce children and their families to the life-changing power of Christ.