As a culture it seems that we crave simplicity. In our hectic, busy and over-crowded daily grind, the promise of products and services that offer simplification of our lives are readily accepted. However, it seems that despite our inherent sense of the need to simplify, many of us tend towards compounding complications. So with that thought, is it really fair to say our current culture has increased the pace and business of our lives? Or are we in fact the ones directing culture to fill up every bit of space with noise and rush?The same thoughts can be applied to our spiritual walks. It isn’t simple to keep it simple. We all too easily get hung up on annoyances or preoccupied with the micro instead of keeping a perspective of the macro. This song by Rend Collective is titled Simplicity, and it is reminder to approach our lives and our relationship with God in simplicity…
I come in simplicityLonging for purityTo worship YouIn spirit and truthOnly You
Lord strip it all away‘Til only You remainI’m coming backTo my first loveOnly You

Ben Panter