As a pastor, I am blessed to be part of moments in people’s lives. Welcoming new babies into the world, rejoicing with newly married couples; two becoming one: a profound mystery, graduations, dedications, funerals (tender, delicate, and God glorifying), and many moments in people’s faith journey and even the start of that journey. God’s grace is at work all around me. But I’ve never had the joy of baptizing someone. It says something unique: I want the world to know the profound thing that God has done in my life. It’s a declaration of his work, not mine. It’s a punctuated moment where we say JESUS IS MY LIFE. Many students stepped out in bold faith declaring Christ in them. This past week was such a joy for me after a truly great summer. God received much glory as we lifted him high. More Lord, please receive more. And if I may, let me see your grace more clearly!

Mike Candy