Pastor Jim

The Word of Life Camp in Belize included all the things you expect a camp to have; games, swimming, fun, food and lots of action. But the best part is spending time with campers and camp staff as we get to share Christ with them. ​





Jeshaan started talking to me on the first night of camp. He was struggling with some personal issues and wanted to know how God could help him. I was able to share the truth of the Gospel with him and began to talk about ways to let the Lord really work in his life. He had trusted Christ as his Savior last year and now wants to really move forward in his walk with the Lord. Throughout the week we talked and it was exciting to see him really begin to let the Lord take over in his life.
Arlet has one of the biggest smiles you will ever see. She is a joy and delight to be around and her desire to follow the Lord and love Him with all her heart is encouraging. She loves to participate in the games and activities but specially loves the worship times and devotions with her leaders. In the days ahead she wants to become a part of the camp crew (Belizean staff) so she can help at camp as well.
​Josh served on the camp crew this year. His smile, laughter and enthusiasm are easy to love. He served faithfully in many ways. He loved hanging out with our gang from NJ because they accepted him without reservation. He comes from a very difficult family background and this is one of the ways we are able to build into his life and help him to know he is loved and appreciated.