by Pastor Jim Down through the years many people have described our involvement in worldwide missions in three simple words. Pray. Give. Go. There is something about this that rings true, simple as it is. As we read the Bible it is easy to discover that God has a desire to reach all people of the world with the message of the Gospel. From the Old Testament through the New Testament we read where God moves people to declare who He is. He told Jonah to proclaim Him to the Ninevites. Jeremiah’s instruction was to stand strong in declaring the majesty and truth of God to a people who only wanted things for themselves. And Daniel was pulled from his country as a youth and spent the rest of his life in a pagan nation strongly standing for and proclaiming the truth of a God greater than any king.​When Peter was told to go visit the Roman Cornelius he was fulfilling the commission to “go and tell all the world”. Paul sacrificed much of his life and personal resources in proclaiming the saving grace of Jesus to all the known world. And John, the apostle, stood firm even in exile and persecution as he declared the majesty and glory of a loving Savior.Here at FCC we have continued to give people the opportunity to be involved in worldwide missions. Down through the years we have gone to at least 18 different places in the US and around the world on short term mission’s trips. We have given opportunity for people to invest in the lives of missionaries and various groups so that the Gospel can be spread and we continue to try to keep the congregation up to date on ways to pray for our missionaries.We have several ways you can get involved in Praying, Giving and even Going over the next few months. Nov. 3 is designated as the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. We will join together with thousands of other churches and millions of believers as we pray for our dear brothers and sisters around the world. You don’t have to pray just that one day, of course. Perhaps you would want to go online and see the website of Voice of the Martyrs ( ), or Open Doors ( ) or Barnabas Fund ( ). As you read they will direct you in ways you can pray and people for whom you can pray for specifically.Nov. 24 we will be having our annual “packing party” for Operation Christmas Child. This is a wonderful way for you to give some simple gifts that will be delivered to a child somewhere around the world. Along with this gift they will be given the opportunity to attend a Bible class and hear the truth of the Gospel. Each year thousands of children came to faith in Jesus. Look for more information on our website ( )March 7-15, 2020 we will again be hosting a Medical Missions Trip to Guatemala. We serve under the auspices of Word of Life Guatemala and seek to help the physical needs of some of the people of Guatemala and also have the opportunity to share the Gospel with them. Each year we see many people put their faith in Jesus Christ. This would certainly be an opportunity for you to go to another country in order to proclaim Christ. Talk to Pastor Jim or Barry Graf for more information regarding this upcoming trip.Pray. Give. Go. These words continue to remind us of our privilege and responsibility of “go into all the world and preach the Gospel”. You can continually pray for the missionaries we support as a church by going to  this page to see their latest prayer requests.