Let’s Start With Worship!!!

It’s so good to worship the Lord together. Here are songs we have used at FCC to draw our hearts to Jesus and praise Him for His love for us – every day!

Worship Video 1

Worship Video 2

And remember to check out these two videos too, here and here.



March 28, 2021

As you come to learn about God today, get out your Bibles and read together. Then watch these Kid videos below. Bible video 1 is most appropriate for 4 year olds through 1st grade. Bible video 2 is geared for 2nd-5th graders.


PreK-1st grade: Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday)
1. Watch Bible video 1 above. What kind of animal did Jesus ride on?
2. When Jesus rode into the city, what did people spread along the road in front of him?
3. What word did the people shout to Jesus? What does that word mean?
4. When some of the men told Jesus disciples to be quiet, what did Jesus say would praise him? (HINT: It’s something that doesn’t usually talk!)
5. The people said Jesus was the king? Was that true?
6. Can you make a palm branch out of paper and have a parade? Remember to shout praises to Jesus as you walk: “Hosanna! Blessed is the King!”
7. Print out the activity sheets and complete them. Have fun praising Jesus this week as you prepare for Easter.

FCC kids’ Pinterest account name is FellowshipKids – Most weeks new craft ideas are posted which go along with our Bible stories. Check it out!

2nd-5th grades:  Jesus Enters Jerusalem
1. Open your Bible and read Matthew 21:1-11. Watch the second video above.
2. Joel is crazy and thinks he is king! Or at least he is pretending to be. Who is the ONE TRUE KING?
3. Matthew 21 verse 2 says Jesus sent his disciples to find something that he would ride on. What animal did they find?
4. Why did the people lay their coats and palm branches on the ground in front of him?
5. What words did they shout?
6. Why did the people want Jesus to be their King? (WHO did they want to overthrow?) How did they get it wrong? What was Jesus REALLY on earth to do?
7. Remember, Jesus is worthy of honor and praise. As he entered into Jerusalem he was honored by the people who believed in Him. Do you believe in Him? Jesus is the Messiah, the GOD WHO SAVES.

Activity and Coloring:Palm Sunday