Let’s Start With Worship!!!

It’s so good to worship the Lord together. Here are songs we have used at FCC to draw our hearts to Jesus and praise Him for His love for us – every day!

Worship Video 1

Worship Video 2

And remember to check out these two videos too, here and here.


April 18, 2021

As you come to learn about God today, get out your Bibles and read together. Then watch these Kid videos below. Bible video 1 is most appropriate for 4 year olds through 1st grade. Bible video 2 is geared for 2nd-5th graders.


For Preschoolers through 1st grade:
1. Watch the first Bible video above.
2.¬†Esther was a Jew (one of God’s chosen people). What did Haman want to do to the Jews?
4. Did Haman like Mordecai? Did Haman like the Jews?
5. What did the king say all the people had to do to the most honored man?
6.Did Esther approach the king by demanding to see him?
How did Esther save the Jewish people?
7. Print out the activity sheets and complete them. There is a fun craft of a crown for you to make as well! Remember, God can use each one of us to do something great for Him! Sometimes it means doing something kind for someone else; other times it might be telling people about how great God is!

For 2nd-5th graders:

1. You can find this Bible story in the Old Testament in the book of Esther. Locate it in your Bibles and read the account of this brave woman who approached the king with a very difficult request. Watch video 2.
2.Why did Haman want to kill all the Jews?
3.What did Mordecai and Esther do about this?
4.Esther approached the king respectfully. How and why did she do that?
5. Sometimes it is hard to be respectful to people in authority over us. How can God help us to do what is right and treat others with respect and care?
6. Dig deeper this week — God positioned Esther as queen at a very important time in the Jews’ history. Read Jeremiah 29:11-12. What does God say about his plans for us?

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