Let’s Start With Worship!!!

It’s so good to worship the Lord together. Here are songs we have used at FCC to draw our hearts to Jesus and praise Him for His love for us – every day!

Worship Video 1

Worship Video 2

And remember to check out these two videos too, here and here.


May 2, 2021

As you come to learn about God today, get out your Bibles and read together. Then watch these Kid videos below. Bible video 1 is most appropriate for 4 year olds through 1st grade. Bible video 2 is geared for 2nd-5th graders.


For Preschoolers through 1st grade:
1. Watch Bible video 1 above.
2. We’ve moved out of the Old Testament and into the New Testament in our walk through the Bible this year. We catch up with Jesus here when he was a boy about age 12. Why did Jesus stay in Jerusalem?
3. Where did his parents find him?
4. What was he doing there?
5. Who is Jesus’ Father? (Be careful and think through this answer!)
6. Have you ever been so interested in something that you lost track of where everyone was? Jesus was in the temple doing his Father’s work. He was talking with the leaders about God’s Word. How does it feel to be excited about something you love to do?
7. Print out the activity sheets and complete them. Remember, God’s Word was precious to Jesus. Select a verse, write it, illustrate it, put it on your frig or bathroom mirror and memorize it! Can you memorize 1 verse of God’s Word this week and think about it every day?

For 2nd-5th graders:

1. We’ve moved from the Old Testament to the New Testament in our study of the Bible this year.You can find this Bible story in the New Testament in the gospel book of Luke, chapter 2:41-52. Locate it in your Bibles and read the account of Jesus as a boy in the temple. Watch video 2.
2.Why did Jesus stay in Jerusalem when the Passover was over?
3.What was Jesus doing there when his parents found him?
4. Jesus knew what God’s word meant because the Spirit revealed it to Him. Jesus was in constant touch with the Father who had sent him. God’s Word is still important for us to read today. Do you have a favorite Bible verse – one that “speaks” to you today?
6. Dig deeper:–  Jesus came to do God’s will. Read John 1 again (did you read it last week?) What names for Jesus can you find in John chapter 1? (Hint: there are more than 2!)
7. Make a plan or checklist to read the first chapter of the gospel of John this week. Reread it!

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