Hello Parents and Kids!
Our PreK-1st grade classes continue all summer in person at our church building. Our 2nd-8th grade classes are taking a break. Students in these grades are encouraged to attend worship service with their families during the month of August.  All classes resume in the building on September 5. Below are some quick ways to stay connected with Jesus this summer!

Let’s Start With Worship!!!

It’s so good to worship the Lord together. Here are songs we have used at FCC to draw our hearts to Jesus and praise Him for His love for us – every day!

Worship Video 1

Worship Video 2

And remember to check out these two videos too, here and here.


Sermon on the Mount- Mathew 5:1-12

As you come to learn about God today, get out your Bibles and read together. Then watch these Kid videos below.


Ask these questions after you watch:
1) Retell the story in your own words.
2) What did I learn about God in this story? (Notice what Jesus did or said.)
3) What was the key point I should remember this week? (How can I use Jesus’ teaching in my own life?)

Memory verse:
“And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”  — Colossians 3:17

Which Beatitude speaks to you today? Which of the 9 Beatitudes in this passage speaks most to you? God often uses one small verse to address something in our hearts that needs to be changed. It’s one way God “speaks” to us! And remember, this moral teaching was not a list of requirements for being accepted by God. No! In this “Sermon on the Mount” Jesus describes what a person’s life looks like when that person loves and follows God with a whole heart.

Each Tuesday we read a Bible story to Preschoolers on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram at fcc_kidmin.

Hey 2nd-5th graders! We want you to stay in God’s word during the month of August! Here are 3 ways you can do that. Click on the link below!
August Challenge for 2nd-5th graders