“Why are we interested in the young married ministry?” asked the couple in their late 20s.  “I guess it is to be with couples our own age who are trying to follow Jesus Christ.  We both have friends we do stuff with.  But, we feel a need of ‘our’ friends, couples to hang with, not just ‘his’ friends or ‘her’ friends.  We have a growing desire to build our marriage around what the Bible says, and we want to have couple friends that want that, too”.
I have heard this answer in one shape or another many times from couples in their twenties or early thirties.  Some just starting marriage.  Others already into the early years of having kids.  Some with spiritual background in a church. Some with next to no background.  But, they want to build friendships with other married couples that will be a support to their own desire to be Jesus’ followers.
This is what HYMN (His Young Married Network) is for.  Eight groups of 7-8 married couples with a mentor couple (older) who are doing life together each week (Wednesday night).  This fall (2021) we have added a kids program (0-9 years old), which goes on while all the community groups are meeting.  The kids are studying the Names of God.  All the adults are discussing and studying either a book of the Bible, or a marriage related series based on the Bible.
We are making “our” friends with other Christian couples, while our kids are learning about the Names of God.  If that is something you guys are looking for as a couple, you are welcome to join us on Wednesday nights this fall.