I want to share with you what The Holy Spirit spoke to me during my devotion time on Christmas morning! First my day begins, like many moms, with my children coming into the bedroom and asking to go downstairs to open gifts! I make them wait, as I go start the fire, turn the music on, and make some hot coffee! The anticipation builds, the kids are basically jumping down the stairs before we tell them to come down!

We finally let them come down, I sit by my fire, with my hot coffee, and watch as my children tear through their gifts! They jump and squeal with excitement, they are overwhelmed with the joy that Santa has come! Maybe fifteen to thirty minutes later, the rush is over, and I begin to clean up all the paper, boxes, and bags, while the kids try out all their new things. Joy is abundantly in the air! 

I exhale deeply, knowing my Elf duties have come to an end, Mission Complete! I make a fresh cup of coffee because this elf only got a few hours of sleep, and I sit and savor this moment. I then reach for my journal to reflect on this season and begin to look towards what is yet to be. 

As much as I love the holiday season, I personally get most excited about the anticipation of a new year! Something about a new year sparks excitement in me and fills me with vision and hope for what the future could hold! As I sat and spent time with the Lord this morning, I was filled with a word of inspiration that I wanted to share with you also! 

HOPE – Isaiah 40:31

VISION – Jeremiah 29:11

FAITH – Hebrews 11:1

BELIEVE – Mark 9:23

STAND FIRM1 Corinthians 16:13

In God’s Perfect timing, He will bring His word to pass! Philippians 1:6

P.S. God’s word will not return void! Isaiah 55:11

I love how the Lord gives me Words and His Word to teach me and reveal himself. This morning I heard the words – hope, vision, faith, believe, stand firm, and wait for God to bring it to pass. The Holy Spirit then expanded each of these words in my spirit, giving me a supernatural strategy!

A glimmer of HOPE is like a crack in the night sky, when the sun starts to rise, and you can see that a new day is on the horizon! Hope says, maybe!!! Maybe there is a possibility that the impossible is POSSIBLE!!! Maybe, there is a way, even though everyone else tells me this is a dead end. “Maybe thinking” is what opens the door to the supernatural and allows your spirit and mind to receive a Heavenly perspective.  

Hold onto HOPE, focus on the light, focus on the possibilities, focus on what could be if God’s Grace was revealed through your life. Listen for his voice, seek out his word and be filled with a Godly VISION for your future. Activate this hope and vision with FAITH! Through the presence and power of the Spirit of God, have courage to BELIEVE that God will do what He Said. Now, STAND FIRM in your FAITH, resist all doubt, fear, and unbelief. Continually focus on hope, remember the word of God and the vision He spoke to you. Believe in the power and name of Jesus Christ.

I want to encourage you as we wrap up this year, of 2021, to look at the next year through a lens of HOPE! I want us all to live each day with the expectation that God has gone before us and prepared the path ahead of us; he has plans to give us a good future! No matter what we face, the challenges, the bad reports, the losses, the attacks, we can choose to lean on Hope. As believers, we know that hope has power, it’s not a cute quote or a cheesy meme, it is a person! A living, breathing, raised from the dead, seated in heavenly places, BEING! Hope is our Lord and Savior- Jesus Christ! Let us continue to renew our minds and remember who lives on the inside of us and lean on him for Hope.