Ever try to describe something that you are so passionate about, that words fail to express your emotion? 

As I reflect on my life specific to attending the global leadership, the fingerprints of what I’ve learned are everywhere.  Starting with the first time I attended, I was a sales representative not leading at work.  I thought “how could this be relevant for me?”  Well, that first year sparked a fire as they called us to “Lead from where you are”.  I got involved as a small group leader at church, then started coaching high school lacrosse, then got involved in compassion ministries organizing events.  It made sense.  Why does our title at work, our role in a home or community define whether we can lead or not?  What if God has something he can do with you right where you are? 

That became my leading thought.  It made sense of things when I didn’t get the job I wanted, or when I was met with changes I wasn’t sure I was ready for.  It compelled me to keep inviting people year after year to learn and grow as leaders.  It helped me find my “Why” in my career, and now, has led me to dream of the power it may have in this area by giving leaders a chance to get better.  After all, its said many times at the Summit “Everyone wins when a leader gets better”. 

My hope is that business leaders, pastors, teachers, non-profit teams, first responders, retirees, students and many more realize their potential to lead and become inspired to be the ripple effect that changes the people around them.  My ask of everyone, invest 2 days in August to decide to get better as a leader, and you will see your life carry new meaning, be inspired to reach your potential, and make people better around you.  Join me…

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Why Should You Attend?

…And Your Leadership Health Matters

Whether you’re a business leader, CEO, pastor, teacher, nurse, student, artist, soldier, parent, doctor, volunteer, entrepreneur, or simply finding your place, you have influence. Every day you impact those around you through your influence—for better or worse, in both big and small ways. During a season that may have depleted your energy, stunted your growth or left you in the dark, it’s time to rediscover a new hope for your future in order to amplify the positive difference you can make.

What is the turning point for positive change? Your capacity to thrive and help rejuvenate the best in those around you, both personally and professionally, is dependent on your leadership health.

Your leadership matters. When you invest in developing your leadership skills, you also give back to everyone around you. You strengthen your relationships, build trust on your team, innovate toward a better future and face challenges head-on with fresh perspective—not only do you thrive, but your family thrives, your business thrives, your church thrives and your community thrives.

For more than 25 years, The Global Leadership Summit has delivered leadership insights with attendees reporting positive outcomes. (based on independent research by Excellence in Giving).


Learn more about attending the Global Leadership Summit at Fellowship and reserve your spot here.