The Cure for Sorrow

Recommended by Lisa Meyers

A Book of Blessings in Time of Grief was given to me by someone who thoughtfully counsels others during times of suffering. It is a collection of poetic blessings which give comfort and hope. The blessings are readable and real; they are accessible to poem-lovers and those who normally might find poems tedious to read. Not so with Jan Richardson’s words. They penetrate right to the heart and bring life where there is pain. Something to read and to share.

Sacred Rhythms

Recommended by Sarah Goldstein

Sacred Rhythms has been a thoughtful and peaceful book to digest. The author does a wonderful job of helping you see that daily life is sacred. She speaks from her own experience, as she has learned the benefit of developing daily rhythms. She touches on prayer, body, mind, solitude and many more topics. If you are looking to experience a deeper connection with God through your daily rhythms, this book will be a great guide.