Church Center

Make connection simple. Download the app.


We use a piece of management software at Fellowship to help us run all our ministries and communication called Church Center. Here’s how it works and helps you.

Basically, the first time you register, pay, give or do anything else like that at Fellowship, an account is created for you. That means the next time you go to register, all that basic info will already be there, and all you’ll have to do is click the “register” button, and you’ll be done. Sweet!

Now imagine having all that basic, name, age and contact information already populated for your entire family. That will make getting everyone signed up for fall activities SO MUCH EASIER!


The best and fastest way to interact with Church Center is through the App on your phone. Just download it from your app store, select Fellowship Community Church from the locations, and then sign in with your trusty email or phone number. Boom! You’re ready to go, and all your future next steps will be that much quicker.

And if you’d prefer to do any registering on your computer, you can log in there too, and do all the same things (but you probably won’t want to carry it around with you in your pocket).

Below are all the things you can do through Church Center as well as some tips, tricks and little pieces of information that you might find helpful or will improve your experience when using Church Center.

Here's what you can do in Church Center

Event Registration

Browse all the events at Fellowship and register any of your family members. If there's payment, it's simple. And if you need a reminder of event details, you can always go into your profile to look at what you've registered for.

Community Groups

Your community group can use Church Center as your central communication and planning hub. Put in dates so everyone is on the same page, share resources for everyone to read and even host different messaging threads like prayer request or planning who's bringing the potato salad to the next dinner.

Check Kids In

Make checking your kids in even faster by starting the process before you even reach a check in station. You can check in kids to their classroom in the app, then scan the code it gives you at the station and their tags will automatically print out. you don't even need to touch the normal check in station!


The easiest way to participate with giving is through Church Center. You can easily make one time gifts, set up recurring gifts and choose different funds in order to meet different needs. And everything is recorded and then reported back to you at the end of the year giving statement for your taxes.


Get notified of when you're scheduled to serve. Put in block out dates for when you'll be away. Generally, stay connected and in-the-know with the teams you choose to serve with.

Update Information

Have you ever changed your email, or maybe decided it's best if you get church emails at a different address than what you started with? ( You can update that kind of information for your whole family quickly and easily, so you always get contact in the best way possible.

Church Center Tips, Tricks and Suggestions

Pick your email/phone and stick with it

When you log in, you’ll use either and email or phone number. If you use a different one each time, Church Center gets confused and creates a new person. So it’s best to use the same contact info each time. That also helps the staff know the best way to get in contact.

Spouses should use different emails/phone numbers

One of the ways Church Center knows you are you when you log in is by the contact information you use. So if you and your spouse both use the same email, then when you log in it can create some confusion. So if you have separate emails, use them.

There are no passwords to remember (or forget!)

When you log in, you’ll enter either a phone number or email. Then a verification code will be sent that you’ll use to log in. This is more secure than traditional passwords, plus it’s one less thing to remember.

This does mean that you’ll need to log in each time you use your browser. But if you use the app and have fingerprint or face id enabled, logging in is as simple as picking up your phone.

You can register your family

Once your account is created and your whole family has been added (like after you’ve checked in), then parents have the ability to register anyone in the household for any upcoming events. That makes registration simple and it means kids don’t need their own accounts.

What should you do if you don’t see your family in your account? That likely means one of two things:

  1. You logged in with a different email/phone number and you accidentally created a new person in our system.
  2. For some reason your family members haven’t been grouped into your household.

In either case you can reach out to the main office and we can help you out.