​Welcome to the Community of Hope blog. We’re excited to be bringing this to life and we wanted to share a few thoughts as to why we’re doing this and what you can expect in the future.

Why are we starting a blog?

This is one of the first questions we as a staff asked ourselves before we began writing. Why are we doing this? Is writing a blog the right format? Our conversations when in a lot of different places, but here’s the gist of where we landed: we want to be able to more consistently and clearly share what God is at work doing in the midst of our community and in individual lives. Right now we rely a lot on Sunday morning service time for sharing this kind of stories, but it’s just not enough. And we know it’s so important to be celebrating the big picture of His work. So, a blog gives us two primary things:

Motivation – Now ministry leaders and staff members will consistently be sharing stories. Without a blog these types of stories and lessons tend to only be heard by a few, but this type of platform can allow our whole congregation and beyond to rejoice and be encouraged as well.
Access – A blog gives more people access to these stories, but more importantly it gives you an inside view into all the different ministries and life activity of the church. If you aren’t a part of Alpha, you’d likely never hear about what they’re learning. Or what if you could read about a particularly great small group discussion, or a testimony of someone’s recent story of faith. We’re excited with the possibilities of the shared sense of learning and community even in a large church context.

What is it going to be about?

We can’t be certain about the specifics yet, but we’re narrowing in on a trajectory. You may have heard us talking about seen around the church building the phrase, “We are a Community of Hope in Christ.” Many of us may get what that means, or at least some of it. But wouldn’t it be awesome if we could explain it more fully? So, this blog is an opportunity for us as a staff and church to show answers to the questions, “What does being a community of hope in Christ really mean?”, and “What does that look like in day to day life?”.
Some of the writing may be grand, big picture perspectives of how God is working, but I suspect that by and large it will be small scale stories of every day faith journeys. Journeys which we are on together as a community.

Will you join us?

Hopefully you can hear our excitement and see the possibilities with what lies before us. There’s a lot we may need to learn along the way, but we know one crucial ingredient is you. Join in on this story by subscribing to the monthly email that will highlight many of that month’s posts as well as a look forward to upcoming ways you can connect deeper into the community.

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