The Spirit at Work… to the Ends of the Earth
A Panoramic view of Acts

Pastor Mark Willey

Scripture: Luke 24:36-42 and Acts 1:1-11

4 Objectives of the Holy Spirit’s work:
1. To carry God’s Gospel to_____________
Acts 1-7 =
Acts 8-12 =
Acts 13-28 =
* by signs, wonders and mighty works
* to authenticate the _____ by spiritual ____ of all believers

2. To ____ God’s people amidst every opposition
* the opposition is continual
* the opposition is varied

3. To fulfill God’s __________ ___________
·in setting the timetable of events
* in accomplishing His __________ for redemption
*in bringing _____________
* in intending for good what was intended for evil
* in appointing His workers for their mission

4._________ God’s church
*spiritual manifestations given to all groups
*parallel description of Peter and Paul’s ministries
* variety of people’s ______________
* connection of oneness a________ of the church
* efforts invested by church leader for __________


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