Eyes Open Christian Living

Pastor Mark Willey

Scripture: Matthew 6:1-4

Jesus addresses the foundational practices of spiritual life for the Jews of his day:
* giving to help those in need (6:1-4)
* prayer (6:5-15)
* fasting (6:16-18)

3 vital aspects of living as a member of Jesus’ kingdom:
1. Your APPROACH while living in Jesus’ kingdom (v1 – “beware of practicing your righteousness”)
A. Must focus on inward motivation

B. Must exercise constant inventory

2. Your AUDIENCE while living in Jesus’ kingdom (v1 – “before other people to be seen by them”)
A. other people

B. your Father in Heaven

3. Your AMBITION while living in Jesus’ kingdom (v1 – “reward”)
A. You can seek your “reward” in one of two places
> from people

> from God

B. You will be rewarded in the arena you pursue




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