About a year ago we launched into a series on the book of Romans together and with it we began a “Common Life” series of devotional books. In the introduction of the first book it says ” this small book offers a way for our whole church family to reflect on Christ together during the ordinary rhythm of our weekdays”. 
​So what I’m posing to you now is, maybe it’s a good time for you to revisit this series. I don’t know where you were in life a year ago or how closely you were able to follow along throughout the Romans sermons. But I do know that our need for reminders of who Christ is and daily reflection is just as relevant now as it was a year ago. And a slow walk through the book of Romans and all the related passages may be just what you need this Fall. ​You may also find value in revisiting the Common Life Book if you were able to follow along with the readings and questions originally. If you think about it like journaling, there is a lot gained through the process of writing, but even more can be learned and appreciated if you look back to see what God was teaching you in the past. And I think that looking back will fill you with gratitude and a renewed perspective on where and how God has been leading you and answering prayers.
So, if you still have your book, pull it out and start working through the readings one week at a time. And if you don’t have it anymore or never had one, you can use a digital copy that is available for download here. I hope you find the daily practices and readings to be rich and fulfilling.
-Ben Panter-