We are committed to raising up leaders in everything we do.

Lesson Notes

  1. What were your takeaways from the lesson tonight?
  2. Does “raising up leaders” seem like it should be a core value? Why do you say that?
  3. Which of the Core Values have you most seen reflected at FCC? Which one means the most to you?
    JESUS – Jesus and his word are central to everything we are
    HEART – all life change begins at the heart
    SPIRIT – we seek to keep in step with the Spirit
    MISSION – we are called to have a redemptive impact on our community
    LOVE – we love people where they are and seek to lead them where God wants them to be
    SMALL GROUPS – small groups are where we do life together
    LEADERSHIP – we are seeking to raise up leaders in everything we do
  4. What are questions about FCC overall, and the leadership in particular, that you would like your community group leader to pass on to tour Pastors?