ACEVEDO, ODWAR AND RITA WOL Belize We give praises to the Lord that in 2020 we saw God’s hand taking care of our health, our family and the WOL staff. Even through the pandemic we have seen opportunities to keep preaching the Gospel, we are so thankful for that. Praise the Lord.

AJIN, RONY AND CORIN WOL Guatemala We thank God because he has been faithful and you have been a tool used to bless him. May God use us in the Word of Life ministry, taking the gospel in the midst. Remember our children, Eduardo and Pablo to carry out their school year successfully and we can obtain the necessary equipment to study at home and that we remain disease free.

ALFONSO, OSCAR WOL Guatemala Pray for my family and plans for next year. God bless you and a big hug from Guatemala.

ALVAREZ, BECKY WOL Guatemala Please continue praying for our health; Sophi schooling for this year and that the Lord continues to use me in the ministry to be a useful vessel in his hands. May God bless you; we are so grateful for the Church and we pray that the Lord will give you a year full of his love and kindness. We send them a huge hug from a distance.

ANTINORE, BILL AND BRENDA Seeds of Hope – Camden

ARRIAGA, WILLSON AND JOANNA WOL Guatemala We are most thankful to look back on this year and see God’s faithfulness in His provision for us and for His people that give faithfully and sacrificially. Pray as we hope to be able to move into a "new to us house” mid January or start of February.



BOJ, JONATHAN WOL Guatemala I thank God for His Covid protection. I am still suffering from shoulder issues and waiting for when surgery could be scheduled. Also, please pray that I may be able to get a vehicle that is adequate for transporting equipment necessary in the ministry Thank youfor your prayers and wish you a blessed 2021.


BURT, DAVE OTAN (Outreach to Asian Nationals) Please pray for faith and protection for the persecuted Asian leaders we support; for in-person leader training opportunities to open again in 2021; for effectiveness of our current online-based training; for wisdom about deciding if/when we should move closer to OTAN’s home office in VA; and to consistently put time into my support raising, asking God to bring needed funds in by the end of 2021.




COUGHLIN, BRENNAN AND KATHLEEN ABWE – Trenton We praise God for Fellowship CrossPoint Church (formerly Fellowship Capital City) partnering with Options Cherry Hill to create a Trenton campus to minister to women and families. Please pray for church growth and outreach opportunities as we try to reach immigrant communities living near the church building. Please pray for spiritual protection over the Coughlin family.

DAVIDSON, JEREMIAH AND ANNA -MANY WITNESSES In 2021, the Pastors School expects to graduate a cohort of five students and welcome an additional six men for three years of intensive training. We also hope to see the in- person Biblical Exposition workshops of Pregue a Palavra return around Brazil and internationally. Please continue to pray for Jeremiah, Ana Karlina and Manuela. Thank you for standing with us.

DE LA CRUZ, ELIUD AND KATIE WOL Guatemala We are so grateful for your prayers in these months. God continues to direct our steps toward ministry in the states. Our prayer since last year was answered last month, God provided an apartment for Eliud's mom! Eliud’s health is stable and his last bloodwork was normal. His next tests will be in February. Pray for God’s continued protection, provision, and peace as we follow.

DE LA ROSA, DANIEL AND KARIN WOL – Guatemala We thank God for the ability to conduct our women's and men's web conferences, online youth Camps, as well as providing food for those in need.. All to the glory of GOD. Hugs and thanks.

DE LA ROSA, ALEJANDRA WOL Guatemala Thank you FCC for your prayers. In the midst of our difficulties, we can see God’s continuous protection. Please pray for my support (at 27%) and for a vehicle.

EBERSOLE, HAROLD AND SHAWNE ABWE – Bangladesh Praise God for wonderful opportunities to share the good news and encourage believers in Bangladesh and that He will direct us in how best to serve locally and in Bangladesh related ministry as we settle in to life in Tennessee. Pray that God will heal Shawne’s Mom and keep Harold’s cancer in remission if that is His will. Pray for the barriers holding back the Ushoi Tripura Translation to be removed and that God will provide the right people to complete the project. Pray for Godly leaders for both Bengali and tribal churches.



ESQUITE, SOLIVAN AND STACY WOL Guatemala Please pray for Stacy’s health, as we have been going to the doctor for various medical issues including high fever, low white cell count and dizziness.55 different tests have been performed thus far, and also for the increase of our financial support.

FISHER, CRAIG AND CASSANDRA ABWE – Nicaragua We praise God as we have seen His hand taking care of our health, family and WOL staff. Even through the pandemic we have seen opportunities to keep preaching the Gospel. Praise the Lord.

FUENTES, OSCAR AND MONICA WOL Guatemala We thank the Lord that in difficult times the Lord was faithful. Monica is now in good health and Oscar contracted the virus but the Lord’s hand was upon him. Pray for our wisdom as we continue to face ministry challenges and new strategies to reach our young people to Christ. Thank you for being a part of our ministry.

FULLER, BETH SIL – Papua New Guinea* Please pray for the Oral Bible Storytelling walkabout in early 2021. The team will go to 9 language groups to promote the upcoming workshop proposed for April/May ’21. Pray for safety for those traveling to the language groups and for each community to pick Godly men or women wanting to tell the Gospel through Biblical stories. Also for wisdom for the team as they reschedule translation and literacy workshops in 2021 due to Covid.

GOOD, TIM AND GINNY WOL – Poland We Praise the Lord for the Word of God hidden in the minds of many youth through our Bible Quizzing Dec. 11-12! The Gospel was shared at several “Minute to Win it” Clubs and we look forward to more in the next couple months. Dates to remember: Jan. 7, 8, 11 All Poland Online Youth Bible Clubs; Jan. 17 – March 19 2nd semester of English4Life; Feb. 21-24 Winter Camp.

HEYDINGER, SETH AND DINA WOL – Poland We are asking the Lord in 2021 to continue to open new doors to reach Poland youth with the Gospel. Please pray for our English Café every Wednesday afternoon. We have online English conversations with native speakers. Each week there is a different topic and it always relates to the Bible. We have made many new contacts through this since we started last spring. Many people have heard the Gospel through English Café.

LEM, JENNIFER Praise God for technology! We’ve been able to reach more students, host guest speakers and hear from alumni from afar with virtual campus ministry. Please pray for student testimonies and other evangelistic outreaches, so Christ can transform lost students.

LOPEZ, RUTH WOL Guatemala I am so grateful for God’s faithfulness that even in the midst of the pandemic I am able to have an online ministry. Please pray for wisdom so that I can continue sharing the gospel. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless you and Happy New Year.


MCAFEE, ROSS AND JANE O.M. – USA office In late November, Ross graduated from OM’s 18-month online International Leadership Coaching Academy which equips him to coach OM leaders worldwide. He also continues to coach people who need to raise more financial support. Jane continues to debrief missionaries coming off the field. Over 5 days, Jane walks with them through a process that allows God to bring insight, truth and restoration. Thank you for standing with us in prayer and finances!


MCQUADE, AUBREY – TEACH BEYOND – Greece The refugee camp on Lesvos remains under lock down due to Covid, but activities can continue. I hope to return in February for a brief assignment before heading to Niger to assist Teach Beyond with the development of a program for refugee children, after which I will return to Greece to lead the summer team. Please pray for open doors and financial provision. Pray for hope, safety and peace for the families in the camps.

MERKH, DAVE AND CAROL SUE WOL – Brazil By God’s grace all staff and students finished the school year virus free. 110 students graduated from WOL Bible Seminary on Dec 3. New school year begins Feb 20 – pray for 150 new students! Pray for the numerous opportunities we have to minister via internet in conferences throughout Brazil and around the world. Pray for new book releases in 2021 and continued impact from our books on marriage and the family.

MORGAN, DORINA Thank you so much for your faithfulness. I thank God for this past year’s blessings and challenges in my life. Pray as I manage new ministry strategies and responsibilities that I pursue excellence in my service to the Lord. May God bless and provide for all of you!

MOURA, AIRTON AND VERA WOL – Brazil Praises for our trip back to Brazil without being infected by Covid-19. Pray for increased registrations for Summer Youth camps and Family campground as well as the Seminary enrollment for 2021. The seminary might not be able to pay staff salaries if we don’t get at least 100 new students for 2021. Thank you for standing behind us in prayer NOTE: The Mouras are in need of funds ($4,000) to get their home repaired. If you wish to help, please designate your gift through FCC for “Moura’s house repair”.

ORTIZ, GABRIELA WOL Guatemala Thank you for being a part of our ministry and for the gift of a computer for my work with multimedia. Thank you for upholding me in your prayers. God was good to me this past year and I know He will continue doing so in 2021. God bless you.

PALACIOS, GISELLE WOL Guatemala I thank the Lord for His goodness and the health He provided during this trying time. Please pray for my spiritual life and also that God would raise additional churches or individuals who would help in my support. I love you, and I thank God for you.


PATT, MARTA AND FARELLY WOL Belize This year 2020 was very challenging for us. Nevertheless we were able to serve God through all the means we had. Pray for the different ministry plans we have for this 2021 and that we’d see many receive Jesus as their personal Saviour. Also pray for our marriage so that we can keep learning from each other and serving God together.

PATTERSON, LOWELL AND DIXIE ABBA Pray that these restrictions of movement will be removed, and we can resume more one-on-one ministry.We remain active with hotline referrals, education and information, and we are able to assist those in need of baby items, which all go out with gospel information. We thank our Lord that all our volunteers have remained Covid free.

PICHOL, JACOBO AND LETY WOL Guatemala We are thankful for all that God has permitted to occur in our lives. He is faithful. Please pray for our new ministerial challenges in 2021. Thanks for your love and support.

RAMIREZ, NAEL WOL Belize As the Covid-19 situation evolves, Word of Life Belize has been working hard to adjust and move forward through the maelstrom of challenges. We intend on viewing this situation as an opportunity to manifest Jesus’s healing love by continually looking for new opportunities to share the message of Christ! Keep praying for strength and wisdom, my health and personal support. Your support is tremendously important as it allows me to continue in ministry.

RIGSTAD, DENNY AND DOTTY ISI – Austin, TX Our ministry (like most of life) has dramatically changed as a result of the virus. We have been ministering to Chinese visiting scholars but since January, none have been coming (only leaving). Using Zoom I am refocusing on those who have returned home and using English conversation classes that lead to spiritual conversations while not attracting the attention of the authorities.

RUST, JON ABWE – Portugal Please pray for me as I need wisdom to know the best time to leave my grieving children and returning to ministry in Portugal. It appears I need to delay my return a little bit. Thank the Lord for the excellent work being done.

SAGASTUME, BETSI WOL Guatemala Thank you and the Lord for allowing me to minister in Guatemala during this challenging period. It has been a blessing for me to continue having contact with young people despite the circumstances. Please pray that God would bring new people to pray for me and support me financially. God bless you.

SALAZAR, HECTOR AND ROSMERY WOL – Guatemala We so grateful to God and you for all your prayers and financial support during the hard year of 2020. Mainly your prayers were helpful because God used us to lead people to God. For example, “a broken marriage”. Love you all FCC.


SOSA, GERSON WOL Belize Thanks so much for your prayers and support. Pray for wisdom as Blanca and I start our new life as a married couple, for guidance and protection to serve our Lord in 2021.

TULEY, PASCAL Fellowship of Christian Athletes My wife Taylor and I are raising funds to become missionaries with FCA in South Jersey. (Burlington County) Our major prayer request is that we hit our goal of becoming fully funded by March 27. We also are preparing to move from Fountain Hills, AZ to New Jersey in June. We have a lot of changes coming during this upcoming year. We are asking for prayer for peace and wisdom during this time.

VELASQUEZ, CANDY WOL – Belize I thank God for his fidelity during all the changes that occurred in 2020 in the ministry and in my personal life. He faithfully fulfilled each one of my needs. Thank you for being part of God’s work in my life. You are evidence t hat God has my back for every step in the adventure He has me in. Thank you for your constant prayers and loving support.

​WEAVER, COURTNEY Accounting Beyond Borders