Resources For Parents  – Spring 2021
Tim Hunt, Children’s Pastor

Our Weekend Lessons and Activity Sheets
Every weekend we post our latest kids videos, worship music and activity sheets on the FCC website. Click on FOR KIDS and THIS WEEK”S LESSON to access the latest Bible stories and videos for your kids. If you’re not worshiping in the building with us, make sure your kids don’t miss these posts each week!

Free Membership to Right Now Media Library
If you have not signed up for a free Right Now media account through FCC, click the link below to register to get one. This is a great opportunity to jump into Bible studies whether topical or book-based.

Here is a great way to spend time worshiping with your kids and also to hear God’s Truth.

The Parent Cue Free Resources –
This is a website with some really good resources to use while you parent your kids. There are articles, podcasts and other ways to connect to parenting content.  This article focuses on helping your kids who are struggling socially.

Explore the Skies As A Family
There is something about gazing upwards to the heavens that draws us in. The idea that planets are “out there” but yet not visible is hard to grasp at times. I don’t have a telescope to use but I do have my phone. I have used an app call Sky Guide for about 5 years now to explore the sky. On certain nights I go outside and can use it to pinpoint the planets or other really cool stars and constellations. We can use these apps to teach our kids about God’s creation and show the vastness of that creation. Below I have listed a few apps for you to explore. Two are free and one has a price to purchase.

Sky Guide-
Sky Safari 6