Over 200 people have already taken up the challenge to read through the New Testament by the end of 2022. Chip Candy has done a super job presenting this. You can register to be a part of the reading, and receive regular notes of encouragement, suggestions, and stories of people’s experiences along the way. There are also 2 different schedules available at the website link. You can still register now.

So the big question…. WHY do it?

  1. You will see things you have not seen – Last night Marian and I read Matthew 1-3. Half way through chapter 1, we both blurted out, “What! Rahab was the mother of Boaz?!!” Rahab was a prostitute of Jericho who helped the people of Israel in the book of Joshua. Boaz was the grandad of David (book of Ruth). We never put that together….. until… last… night. Our 1st reading!
  2. You will realize how the story fits together – the whole New Testament tells the story of God delivering the world through Jesus. It starts with His human ancestry and birth (Matthew 1) and ends with His people living with Him forever in the new heavens/new earth. One astonishing story. You are not jumping in to the middle of the book, and then leaving before the climactic end!
  3. It will renew your mind – Reading through whole sections of Scripture shapes your thinking. The 21st century has more voices and messaging vying for people’s minds than ever in world history. The internet, social media, smart phones, tablets, make us people who are wonderfully “amused”. But, “amuse” is from two words; “A” – “No”, and “MUSE” – to think or reflect”. No thinking!
  4. Reading through the New Testament will help you think. It will help you have your mind settled and centered. You will know Jesus better. The New Testament is the story of Jesus. Watch for names and titles of Jesus depicting His continual roles in our lives. We will be doing a series for the Christmas season on some of the titles of Jesus in the Book of Revelation. Your reflections on Jesus over these 3 months will prepare you for the celebration of these names!

    We started the reading Sept 15.

Insider secret: if you read an average of 3 chapters a day, you will make it easily by mid-December (less than15 minutes). The 90 days schedule gives you some mulligans to make up for days you might miss! You can do this!